i hate how you’re just born out of nowhere and you’re forced to go to school and get education so you can get a job what if i wanted to be a duck

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I kinda really love you. More than I’ve ever really loved anyone/ and or anything on this planet… I couldn’t ever lose what I’ve gained for you. Ever ever ever. I just hope I’m always enough for you because that’s exactly what you deserve. You perfect human being of mine.

Forever yours.

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She always lays like this and idk why but it’s so cute


What if you wake up one morning and you’re in bed with the love of your life and they have their arm around you and their snoring like a fucking ass hole, but you can’t help but to smile and you hear a baby crying and it finally hits you, you’ve made it.
you beat the demons inside you, the voices, the darkness.
I look forward to that, to knowing I made it.

I made it. Stay strong.

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"Saturdays are for adventure; Sundays are for cuddling"

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Shoutout to the females that compliment each other, that jealousy shit dead

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